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Nicole Beutler – Anja Beutler

Nicole Beutler / 2: Dialogue with Lucinda

Fascinated with the strict and ostensibly simple minimalism of the early work by seventies dance rebel Lucinda Childs, Beutler has created a new version of Radial Courses and of Interior Drama. They were commissioned by Festival Cover#2. Radial Courses is now presented at ILTWT and especially for this programme Gary Shephard made a new musical composition. The underlying score is so complex that the viewer simply cannot take his eyes off the work, and even then, it will be impossible to unravel the underlying system. The dancers go to extremes to surrender to the demanding pattern of movements, making their concentration and efforts tangible. The ritual nature of the performance has a hallucinatory effect. You will not be able to resist being swept along in this feast of physical suspense.

Hillary Blake Firestone – Raymond van Mil

Hillary Blake Firestone / WE’RE ALL FOR THE UNDERGROUND

We've all got to go sometime. The question is how to make a fitting exit. WAFTH will premiere in November, but at I Like To Watch Too we already get the first preview. Choreographer Hillary Blake Firestone, composer Mark Morse and vocalist Anat Spiegel contemplate the world's least favourite, yet most prevalent, cultural ritual: the funeral. Each performer envisions his or her own funeral and each creates a list of final wishes. But they can wish all they want; when they're dead, someone else is running the show. The other performers are left behind to throw the ultimate goodbye party, interpreting the 'final wishes' as they like.

Krisztina de Châtel / Attack

Choreographer Krisztina de Châtel is a highly experienced creator of site-specific performances. Only recently her performance Nomade was presented among the paintings of Picasso at the Van Gogh Museum, and students from the Amsterdam School of the Arts could be found prowling the corridors at the Stadsschouwburg. Especially for I Like To Watch Too she has created three short choreographies with seven students from the Modern Theatre Dance programme which will be performed at different sites across Paradiso. The dancers will be everywhere, climbing chairs and benches and even using the bar. The space will be filled with sounds. In a fierce, intense and lively performance the students will be taking over Paradiso.

Don't Hit Mama – Jean van Lingen

Don't Hit Mama / Into the night

The I Like To Watch Too programme will be followed by a wild night of dancing at Paradiso. The festive, energetic and interactive dance theatre group Don´t Hit Mama will be in charge of the transition from watching to participating. Don´t Hit Mama creates club events based on American and African urban styles and created Into the night especially for ILTWT. Their dancers will be performing in front of, among, and with the audience, fusing the theatre performance with club dancing. They have used their highly successful cocktail to get New York's Hip Hop Theater Festival in the right mood to party, and now they will be prepping the people in Amsterdam to dance the night away.

Ferenc Feher – Zsolt Ouskel

Ferenc Fehér / TAO TE

Tao Te, The Book of the Way and the Virtue, is one of the most important texts in Taoism. The self-taught Hungarian Ferenc Fehér has studied the influential Chinese philosophy and is respectfully offering his completely personal take on it. Two men in suits enter the stage, mixing streetdance and more traditional dance to form a masterful and highly rhythmical tour de force. Ducking and diving, they jump one over the other, never shying away from human emotion. A light moral comes shining through the dance at times, which renders the experience all the more fascinating.

Lena Hendlmeier – Cynthia Cathaway

Lena Hendlmeier/ ANDERSOM - twee halen, niet betalen (REVERSE/two for the price of none)

Tools, crockery and other props are used in the ‘wrong’ way, taking on new purposes in the process. Young Lena Hendlmeier is a student at the Rietveldacademie’s DesignLAB and would like to get in touch with you, the visitor. She simply loves people, is fascinated with the communication between these social animals, and she would like to experience things first hand with you. So accept her invitation to go for a drink and experience your surroundings in a completely unique way. Nothing will feel right, everything will taste differently, and you will be a guinea pig in an undiscovered territory. Come along and join the experiment!

Aafke de Jong – Erwin van Deutekom

Aafke de Jong / Itch!

What do you reveal to the outside world, and what would you rather keep to yourself? It is a question that has always intrigued choreographer Aafke de Jong. Her fascination blossomed during the five years she spent studying the local dance art on Bali. Itch! also displays the give-and-take between the external, physical body and the inner world of contemplation. Video projections zoom in closely on the performer, causing him some embarrassment, but they also drive him to go to extremes. Sometimes he and the projections become one, and sometimes he could just murder them. Slowly, a world rises to the surface that he would have preferred to keep hidden away.

Tommi Kitti & Co / A Trip

Tommi Kitti is one of Finland’s best known dancers and choreographers. A Trip premiered in Japan in 1995, as a solo performed by Kitti, and went on to tour across the world for years. A Trip is back, but this time as a duet for two of Kitti’s dancers. John Lee Hooker’s music will take both the audience and the dancers on an emotional roller coaster. The swinging, jazzy mix of dance styles overflows with infectious rhythms and movements. Audience members will be itching to join in the dancing. Relax, enjoy, and be swept along on this trip.

Daniel Linehan – Vincent Jeannot

Daniel Linehan / Montage for three

Photographs displaying famous world leaders and obscure scenes. These form the groundwork for Daniel Linehan’s Montage for three. Two dancers are mimicking the pictures, trying to breathe new life into the lifeless images. They strip them of any sentiment and confront the static, mechanical images with their living, moving bodies. But then the two forms begin to fuse, reverse roles, and the photographs turn out to lead a dynamic existence of their own, while the two bodies become instruments to trigger memories. The American dancer and choreographer Daniel Linehan wants to erase the dividing line between dance and everything else using his performances. With this ‘choreography of images’ he has succeeded once again.

Gabriella Maiorinio - M. Haduch

Gabriella Maiorino / NERA / world première

The Italian Gabriella Maiorino has been working in Amsterdam for many years and is noted for her physical and innovative choreographies. Under her inspiring leadership, a group of Modern Dance students from the Amsterdam School of the Arts will be occupying the Paradiso pop temple. The old church and former squat offers them the perfect setting to let their deepest and darkest inner selves to run free. Like a set of transparent shadows they undulate across the space, revealing a hidden, churning physicality. Their wide-ranging palette of colours blends to form the deepest black. NERA, tailor-made to suit the students' bodies and the architecture of this dynamic location, is raw, powerful, and intense.

Lawrence Malstaf – Galerie Fortlaan 17 Gent

Lawrence Malstaf / Schrink

The Belgian artist Lawrence Malstaf will be suspended, vertically, between two sheets of plastic. A machine will slowly suck out the air between his body and the plastic. What is left is a body in a vacuum wrapping. A transparent tube will offer him the opportunity to control the stream of air, allowing him to slowly change his position. He will, for instance, depict an embryo inside the safety of the mother’s womb, or a man hanging from the cross. In addition to working as a scenographer for Benoît Lachambre, Kirsten Delholm, Meg Stuart and others, Malstaf soon began developing his own installations and performances. The breathtaking piece Schrink reveals his fascination with movement, coincidence, order and chaos.

Guillaume Marie – Bryndis Ragna Brynjdfsdottir

Guillaume Marie / Nancy

She was with Sid Vicious, the face of punk band Sex Pistols. Her name was Nancy Spungen and she was found in her underwear on 12 October 1978. She was dead, lying beside the toilet, stabbed in the stomach. She was twenty years old. The murder, which was never solved, brought her epic fame and turned her into a rock ‘n’ roll icon. Nancy is the second in a series of performances by the French choreographer Guillaume Marie, who likes to take well-known and symbolic situations from the past as his point of departure. What we see is not a literal reconstruction, but a performance that allows us to associate freely on a gloomy world in which a lost woman is dancing her own gruesome death.

Jan Martens – Rita de Smet

Jan Martens / a small guide on how to treat your lifetime companion

The Belgian Jan Martens had danced with Ann Van den Broek, united-C, Koen De Preter and others, but he has also been creating his own performances since 2009. In a small room, two people are refusing to part sides. Five crucial moments in their relationship are passed under review. The lovers create a world of their own, shutting out the outside world, until it can no longer be ignored. Two lives are revealed to us in a wordless exchange. An intimate, gentle performance about love and tenderness; comforting, but confronting at the same time. Ugly, yet full of beauty. A performance that hits home but also offers comfort.

Camille Mutel / Etna! (Nijinskys Faunes Variation)

In this installation the young choreographer and dancer Camille Mutel and the video artist Marie Brach study ‘the muse’ and ‘the faun’. Two sweet mythological creatures that easily appeal to the imagination and that have inspired so many. One is a woman, the other a man. Or are they two components of the same desire? We see one body, moving across the room like a sculpture, embodying the man and the woman’s search for each other. They both remember, project, become absorbed in each other, and reject each other; dissecting their united body down to the last detail. In their dark, raw, but at the same time poetic way these unorthodox artists uncover the most fundamental human instincts.

Jaap Mutter / Onmens

Visual artist Jaap Mutter’s physical theatre performances and his interactive pieces are always an attempt to affect the spectator’s powers of observation. In Onmens, the viewer is given a control panel. The panel can be used to give Mutter’s body an electric shock. It transforms the human body into an installation, controlled by the audience, while at the same time being watched by the audience. What happens if you hand over the control of your body to another person? And what happens if you gain control over another person’s body? A thrilling study of power and manipulation.

Tony Orrico – Michael Hart

Tony Orrico / Untitled Circle

Especially for I Like To Watch Too, performer and visual artist Tony Orrico will develop a new piece: Untitled Circle. Orrico used to be a member of the famous Trisha Brown Dance Company, has worked for Shen Wei Dance Arts and was involved in Marina Abramovic's retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His penchant for artists with a provocative streak can be detected in his own work, too. He will use his body on the spot to create graphic art. The audience witnesses the birth of the work of art, and both the result and the process are well worth watching.

T.r.a.s.h. – Ernest Potters

T.r.a.s.h. / Enchanted Room

Any work by T.r.a.s.h., the dance company from Tilburg with great international appeal, will grab you by the throat. In this duet, a brother and sister are going in search of the promised land. Their quest acts like an enchantment, but hell is brewing right beneath the surface. Innocent human need turns into cruel impulse; unfathomable powers disrupt their time together. The highly physical, almost violent dance is accompanied by a soprano and a baritone. Enchanted Room was based on the full-length performance Disorderly Conduct (Humanoid Trilogy Episode 1) which focuses on the paradox of human life. With this performance, T.r.a.s.h. will be dragging you into an explosive, emotional and uncompromising fairytale world where innocence is poisoned.

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